Keep A Health Journal

Begin keeping journal of your progress toward Great Health, then you can look back over the months and see the incredible distance you have come, how you once lived in total darkness when it comes to health and now have stepped into the light.  You will be amazed at how much knowledge you will gain about yourself, your health and your own body simply by experiencing what I suggest you do to Achieve Great Health.

~ Dr. Bob McCauley


Best Concentration Herb

Bacopa monniera is an Ayurvedic herb. Bacopa contains Bacocides. BACOPA is documented to improve memory and general mental abilities, including concentration and mental deficiencies. It is a sedative that helps relieve anxiety, stress and insomnia. Bacopa is a powerful antioxidant. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.  Also called Waterhyssop.

~ Dr. Bob McCauley


What Is An Enzyme?

In a nutshell, what the body lacks most is water, enzymes and electrons, which only come from Ionized Water and raw foodsWe are born with a certain amount of enzymes, like a bank account we can draw on.  Literally everything we do, especially digesting our foods, depletes our body’s enzyme reserves.  If we do not replace the amount that we withdraw each and every day, we will eventually run out of enzymes, which will lead to a dramatic acceleration of the aging process.

~ Dr. Bob McCauley

Why We Get Sick

“If you are sick it is because you allow yourself to remain sick.  By that I mean that the human body is capable of curing itself of any disease.  Unless you are terminally ill, the average person can Achieve Great Health in 90 days or less.  In most cases, even those diagnosed as “terminally ill” can turn their health around in several months if they are determined to live at any cost.”

~ Dr. Bob McCauley

Dangers Of A Cooked-Food Diet

If your body has been badly damaged by the devastating effects of the cooked-food lifestyle, you will go from bad to worse in the beginning because toxins are leaving your body in droves.  Disease will not be far behind because it will have nothing to live on.  Disease cannot live on healthy, vibrant human tissue.  Disease thrives on what is decaying, and it is the cooked-food diet that decays us from within because cooked foods begin to decay inside us as soon as we consume them.

~ Dr. Bob McCauley


Thoughts And Reality

The thoughts we have becomes the reality we create for ourselves. 
When we live in the moment, we constantly confront ourselves with choices and their consequences, whether immediate or long term.  From this we create our own reality, our own path in life, one that either leads toward God or does not.

~ Dr. Bob McCauley



Importance of Stretching

Stretching our muscles and conditioning our tendons and ligaments each day is also of great importance to our health.  Stretching helps remove blockages and frees up accumulated acid waste throughout the body, especially from the joints and around the organs, even between the cells themselves.  Dead cells and other intercellular debris that disrupt critical communication between cells is cleared away by stretching; this is especially effective when it is coupled with daily vigorous exercise.

~ Dr. Bob

Yew (Taxanes)

Taxane is a chemical substance derived from a YEW tree of the mountains in Montana.

  • Anti-Inflammatory 
  • Anti-cancer
  • Antioxidant 
  • Immune Builder

~ Dr. Bob

When To Drink Water – When Not To Drink Water

Drinking water should begin immediately, and the habit of drinking water must be developed so that you are constantly drinking water in order to stay properly hydrated.  Anytime is the right time to drink water except 30 minutes before, during and at least 40 – 60 minutes after each meal.


~ Dr. Bob McCauley
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